Concealed Carry Permit Training Classes

Rocky Mountain Freedom Training Provides a fun and non intimidating Concealed Carry Permit class suitable for all people, regardless of experience, background or views.

Come and see why we have earned a 5 star Google and FaceBook review

Our Concealed Carry Classes Are Both Fun And Impactful


Our Top Industry Certified Trainers Will Cover:

  • How to become a difficult target and AVOID the need to act in self defense to begin with
  • Creating a personal protection plan that works for you and your family
  • Colorado Laws & how to best protect yourself from the legal and financial aftermath of a self defense incident
  • Lots of use various use of force scenarios
  • And of course firearm safety, and safe carrying practices. There are no do-overs when it comes to safety.


Come enjoy and learn from the unique experiences of our instructors with backgrounds in both military and law enforcement. You’ll leave with your certificate and exact instructions to head to your local Sheriff’s and apply for your permit

Do I have to do anything else to get my permit?

All of our classes fulfill the training requirements in accordance with CRS 18-12-203 (VI). Upon completion you will be able to schedule an appointment with your local county sheriff’s office. All you have to do is take your photo ID and class certificate. The sheriff’s office will fingerprint you and process your application. As long as you pass the background check, Colorado is a shall issue state.

Can I use my permit to carry in other states when I travel?

Yes, there are 34 other states (sometimes 35) that recognize Colorado’s CHP permit. Remember, just because they honor Colorado’s permit, doesn’t mean their laws are the same. You must know the local laws in every state you carry.

How long are my certificate and permit good for?

In the state of Colorado your permit is good for 5 years at which point you will simply renew. The certificate of completion from this class is good for 10 years.

If Colorado is an open carry state, do I really need a Concealed Handgun Permit?

We believe the answer is absolutely yes. Can you legally open carry in Colorado, yes. Is it a good idea, probably not. The whole point of a carrying concealed, is that it’s concealed. The last thing you want to do is draw a bunch of unwanted attention to the fact that you are legally armed. You are just asking for trouble both criminally and civilly. We will cover specific examples in class.

How long is class and what should I bring with me to class?
  • Class usually runs right about 3 hours depending on questions
  • Valid Photo ID
  • Printed email ticket
  • Pen &  paper for notes
  • Bottle of water
  • Lots of questions and a sense of humor
  • DO NOT bring any firearms or ammunition to the classroom, unless you are attending a class that specifically includes range time at one of our partner facilities.
Refund / Cancellation Policy

You can find our full policy and terms of use at

A seat in a class may be canceled up to two weeks before the class takes place for a full refund of all fees and/or prepayments.  Within two weeks before the class, a refund will not be given; however up to the day of the class, the class may be rescheduled for another class anytime within the next 6 months, subject to the class schedule and availability of seats in each class. Any student who has already been transferred previously waives their right to a refund and will be subject to a rescheduling fee for each subsequent transfer, regardless of how far away the class is they are registered for. Failure to arrive at class without prior notification will result in the loss of all fees and rescheduling rights as the costs of conducting a class are not any less when a student no shows.

Colorado CHP Class

In an industry full of old school hardcore instructors and belief systems, we are committed to fun, informative classes that appeal to all people regardless of experience.

Client Testimonials

“The class was a lot more fun than I thought a concealed carry permit class could be. They guys were great and were very patient answering all my beginner  questions.”

Gennie S

“I’m so glad I came. The instruction was fantastic and the part on creating a personal protections plan was so helpful. It gave me a lot to consider that I never would have thought about.”

Royce P

“James and the team always find a way to make their trainings fun and easy to follow. They are very open to questions and lead with confidence.”

Lisa C

Rocky Mountain Freedom Training Concealed Carry Permit Class

Looking to get your concealed carry certificate for Colorado, Texas or Utah and all of their reciprocal states? Look no further!